What can I do for you?

This is a tricky question, it depends on who you are.

For an individual or start up company making little money for now:

  • I can assist you build a website and launch it for you
  • Register your domain name at no service cost from me
  • Assist you set up emails for you and your staff
  • offer advise in digital strategies for free
  • Share my contacts if you need assistance that am not good at. ( I cannot guarantee if they will offer their services for free)
  • I can ask my designer friends to assist with creating a logo and CI for you or company at cost.¬†( I cannot guarantee if they will offer their services for free)

what do I want from you:

  • Just a cup of coffee, as many cups you can buy
  • Be reasonable, this is a free service therefore I can not give you unicorns but a fully functional website that your guests can use to communicate with you or your business.

Why am I doing this?

  • Because you have kids to feed and your success matters to me more than your money
  • I believe every company must have a website even if it just one page
  • and am nice like that

Is this a joke?

  • No, this serious. try me!!


For fully Functional businesses making a lot of cash monies You get :

  • Connection to my experienced designer friends to create a website to your specification
  • Connection to my experienced writers and content friends who will ensure that all the content on your website is SEO optimised
  • Website maintenance
  • Website hosting
  • E-mail set up and support
  • Social media advice, set-up and support for your company pages

what do I want from you?

  • A little cash monies so I can pay my friends and maybe buy a meal
  • Your full support and co-operation, just because you paid for something doesn’t mean you must be douche bag.
  • A recommendation letter to your friends would be nice.

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