A cup of coffee for a website intiative

Truth be told digital marketing is taking over, start up businesses and small businesses are being left behind because they do not have the funds to pay web developers to create and maintain the website for them.

A company with no website is like a company with no phone number, clients have moved from using yellow pages to seek contacts for service providers near them. they use internet to search and compare and if you do not have a website you are loosing clients by minutes.

A website is not a “WANT” for a company but it has turned into a “NEED”.

If you are not on the Google’s database, you do not exist at all.

So buy me a cup of coffee at whatever price you can spare and I will give a  website.

This offer has limitations:

  • I will not be exploited by companies who will want to play middle-man and charge people for this service
  • I will only deal direct with the owner of the website or the business
  • I will create one website for an individual/business
  • I will not be deadline driven but you will get your website within reasonable time. (Provided I have enough capacity to do it)
  • You will have to pay for your domain name and other hosting prices, the prices can range from R19.00 to R100.00
  • A cup of coffee costs R20.00


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