Hi, Thank you for visiting my home.

I am Zwelihle Mondli’wentandane Zinja ziyamkhokotha Sikhakhane but you can call me Zweli.

I was born and bred in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. I must say staying under mountains was no fun and I demanded a better challenge so I moved to Johannesburg the city of gold to seek fame, glory and alot of money.

After serving 11 years in the south African Educational Facility I made my escape to an FET College (South West College).  There I discovered alot of things, good and bad just to list a few: Computers, Networks, drugs, Alcohol and coffee. They eventually set me free 3 years later for good behavior and stuff in addition they gave me a fancy note that confirms all the nice things I can do for you in ICT. I must add that this made my mom proud!!

I stayed a few years indoors and started a digital band with the members being  Thabo R Mphahlele and Sibusiso M Shongwe, whom I met at college. We worked on nice projects including, Soweto Festival, Telkom and many many other projects.

Life got a little Expensive and we had to find jobs, I enlisted with AVATAR / South Africa and they accepted me as the in-house Developer, web master and infrastructure manager and many many other things not written in the contract, Three years later I moved to Maverickmind But that was short lived as I Moved to The Red Quarter.

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